Thursday Night Live brings music and crowd to Old Town

People sitting around and listening to a band play.

Hundreds of people listen and dance in Old Town Square Thursday July 24.

From 7-9 p.m. on Thursday nights, Old Town Square in Fort Collins becomes a music venue for anyone who wants to listen to live bands.

The area is usually known for the various bars and historical buildings but a concert series, called Bohemian Nights Presents: Thursday Night Live, changes the scene and packs the space with music lovers of all ages. Even so, Miguel Garcia, a artist relations assistant with Bohemian Nights, said that the concerts have become more than a precursor for the upcoming Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest festival.

“If it was just a prelude to Bohemian Nights it would be great, but it has turned into its own great part of the Fort Collins music scene,” Garcia said.

Garcia said he has been impressed with the turnout to the concerts, with between 250 and 350 people coming to each one so far. Garcia also said the location is ideal for the concerts.

“These shows are for the city and the people who don’t like festival-sized crowds,” Garcia said.

And according to the a few audience members, Bohemian Nights is reaching those people.

“For people who like live music, it’s great. The location, the set up, everything is excellent,” said Ryan Lessman, an audience member at the July 24 concert.

The band Lessman came to see was the rock band Fox Street, but there are still two more shows scheduled. The Manabi Salsa Band and SHEL are set to play on July 31 and August 7, respectively.

A band performs on a stage with brights lights shinging on them.

The band Fox Street performs in Old Town Square as part of the Bohemian Nights Presents: Thursday Night Live concert series on July 24.