This week in music: 7/29 – 8/4

Technological advances turn out to be bad for music

A former music producer discusses how much the music industry has changed in the past couple decades, comparing the downward trend in music to an upward trend in technology. Making money as a musician has become much more difficult in recent years. (From Forbes)


Non-profit organization brings music to inmates

The organization, called Jail Guitar Doors USA, works in prisons across the country, conducting weekly song-writing and performance workshops for the prisoners. Professional musician Wayne Kramer, who played in the band MC5, is a co-founder of the 5-year-old organization. (From USA Today)


New Jersey music festival creates havoc for police

The Electronic Adventure concert in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, as part of a touring music festival, resulted in 42 arrests during the two-day event. Local police were not told about the event until Wednesday July 30. Thirty-four people were also treated for different sicknesses at the concert. (From The Star-Ledger and


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