This week in music: 7/15 – 7/21

Music therapy may be deceiving in dementia cases

A Dartmouth College professor believes that music therapy might not be as beneficial as studies and television documentaries have shown. The professor said that music may be stimulating false memories instead of reviving memories. (From The Atlantic)


Music industry once again is in decline

A mid-year music report has shown a 15 percent drop in album sales and the growth in online streaming services is a large factor. Vinyl album sales are the only part of the industry to see growth, with a 40.4 percent increase so far this year, according to the report. (From the Chicago Tribune)


Man found dead at Canadian music festival

21-year-old man was found deceased in his tent at the Pemberton Music Festival on Friday July 18. The festival, which takes place in British Columbia, Canada, ended Sunday July 20 but, even though foul play is suspected, no suspects have been named. (From Billboard and CBC News)


Radiohead set to record new album

The popular alternative band are beginning to work on their ninth studio album, the first album since 2011. The band has decided to meet sometime after summer, but members already have been emailing ideas to each other. (From The Guardian)


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