This week in music: 7/1 – 7/7

Chimpanzees now found to have an ear for music

study conducted by Emory University professors found that the primates prefer certain music (Indian ragas and Akan music from West Africa) to silence. The results are significant, as previous experiments had shown that chimpanzees preferred silence to any kind of music. (From io9 and the Journal of Experimental Psychology)


Digital downloads beginning to mirror CD sales

According to a Nielsen SoundScan report, digital album sales are down nearly 12 percent and singles sales are down 13 percent when compared to 2013. The growing popularity of digital streaming services may be partially to blame, as the report showed a 42 percent increase in songs accessed that way. (From The New York Times)


Independent music chooses a different path for online streaming

With the success of major label artists on music streaming websites, some independent labels are partnering with smaller servicers, such as, in order to connect with their fans. (From The New York Times)


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